Thrift Shop Find: Vintage Wilson Chipper

Many vintage golf clubs do not translate well to today's game, but I think the basic technology of the chipper has not changed much overt he years.

This installment of Thrift Shop Finds features a vintage Wilson Chipper that I picked up for a few dollars.

The chipper is and always has been a club designed to carry your golf ball into he air over the green side fringe and set it gently rolling toward the hole on the green. This prevents you from having to deal with the ambiguity and vagaries things such as speed of the fringe versus speed of the green and anything in the fringe which could deflect your ball off its intended course. In theory, your ball flies over the treacherous fringe and lands on the smooth green to roll at the hole.

The design of the chipper is generally that of a putter with loft. The golfer can grip, set up and stroke the ball pretty much as he or she would with a putter and the ball will take flight briefly before landing and rolling on the green.

For many golfer this is a major problem-solver in getting the ball from the fringe to the hole. Personally, I prefer to use a 7 iron as a chipper and save the spot in my bag for an extra wedge or fairway wood, but this is strictly a personal choice and varies from golfer to golfer.

That said, if I were to chose to carry a chipper, I think I would save a few dollars on this low-tech club and use one such as the Wilson I have featured in this entry. It is a nice looking club, in very good condition with a classy real leather wrap-type grip.

Keep you eyes open and you can occasionally find one of these in your local thrift shop at a real steal!

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