Better to be lucky than good!

I've not yet had one of those days on the golf course when everything seems to go right, but yesterday I did play the front nine in a fashion that made it seem like I really knew what I was doing. It all fell apart on the back nine, but that's another story altogether. Anyway, on the front nine I started off slowly, but not badly , for me, bogeying the first 3 holes. On the fourth hole, a short par 4, I hit an eight iron about 4 feet from the pin and sunk the birdie putt. On #8, a 168 yard par three, my four iron landed about 12 feet short on a line straight at the pin and I was able to roll in another birdie putt. Those two birdies couple with two more pars and overall fairly decent play got me to the turn at 40.

The shot that sticks out in my mind, however, was not a particularly good one. I was lying two, about 120 yards out on the 457 yard par 5 seventh hole, after pushing my drive into a bunker and then hitting a decent five iron back into the fairway. In other words I was right where I wanted to be. I grabbed my nine iron and walked confidently up to the ball. I swung and hit an ugly, fat shot left of the green which was going to land about 25 yards short. However, the ball caught the edge of the cart path and bounced crazily toward the pin, ending up about seven feet right of the hole. In one of my normal rounds, the ball would have bounded left, or maybe even right back toward me, but on this day, my positive energy seemed to have charged my game and even my bad shots turned out good. It's a feeling I'm not used to!

I just missed the birdie putt, which was OK with me, since I figured I didn't really deserve a birdie after that shot anyway.

On the back nine, my karma totally reversed itself as I pressed a little harder, realizing that my lifelong goal of breaking 80 was with possible reach. Nothing went right, from chunked chip shots, to shanked tee shots, to a greens maintenance guy riding noisily up to the edge a the green just as I was about to chip on and parking there staring at me as I muffed the shot. (That's no excuse, but annoying none-the-less)

So, at the end of the day, my score was a lot worse than some days, and a lot better than others, but basically average. I did experience for nine holes that rare feeling of invincibility, where even my bad shots turned out good and where my luck ran to the positive side. I'm still waiting for the day when I can ride that wave for 18 holes. is a site dedicated to the belief that you don't have to break the bank to play good golf and enjoy your time on the golf course

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